Do Fall Short This Season

Salt and pepper, black and white, sweet and sour, contrast brings things to life. The short story is, cropped tops are one of the big fashion trends for Fall 2014. Major trends are in short supply this season, but the mixing of proportions will give you a style update in short order. There are many ways to wear this modern look without short-changing yourself.

Cropped tops and are trending for fall. Layer over tops and tees.

Cropped tops and are trending for fall. Layer over tops and tees.

This is the long and short of it.  If you have the abs, rock the cropped top over pants or long to medium length skirts. I don’t recommend wearing this to the office unless you want your career to be short and sweet. For a wearable look, pair cropped sweaters and tops with longer layering pieces and shirts. This is the way to get a serious style boost without the doing the crunches or “walking a short plank” in the office.

Proceed with caution, midriff baring tops over short shorts and ultra-mini skirts take the look from tasty to torrid. If that is what you are after, it’s to guaranteed to please!

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