Neon Lights

Live life in the glow of neon lights in 2012!

Color trends evolve and something happens in the social mood that turns colors that might have been previously unappealing, into a “must-have” sensation. For me, that is neon and heart-stopping bright colors. The are so prevalent in the market this season and sure to reach a fever pitch over the summer. The charge is led by chartreuse, shocking pink, safety orange, reflex royal and washed out neon yellow.

Perhaps, it is the pure energy of these outrageously bright colors? We have been in a recessionary funk for so long, and it is hard to be blase in the presence of neon lights. They are suddenly the essence of modern style and shed new light on a pessimistic period. They are also integral to the active sport inspired, mega-trend in fashion.

I have never been a fan on the uber-bright, but have already purchased an in-your-face chartreuse skirt this year. It is provides a bolt of lightning, every time I see it in my predominantly black and white wardrobe. It is so unfamiliar, it is a new beginning, a new life for 2012.

Neon is showing up everywhere on items like skinny jeans (Rag & Bone), dresses (Michael Kors), bags (Rebecca Minkoff), innovative colorblocked pieces (BCBG) athletic shoes (Asics), casual apparel (J Crew) and yoga wear (Zella).

The modern way to pull off these explosive colors  is to ground them with a neutral, especially heather grey or white. For a dangerous, high-voltage look combine two to three colors in one outfit. For the faint of heart, a trickle of neon trim on sneakers, pumps, a tote, belt or scarf  is enough of a good thing to change your fashion fortunes in 2012.

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