Miu Miu – A Journey Without Leaving Home

When shopping brick and mortar, I try to let myself be led by the call of great merchandise. I never shop recreationally, since I spend so much time in stores. I want to be transfixed and enticed by products so compelling, that I am stopped in my tracks. This is a rare and special occurrence. More often than not, when perusing shoe departments, I stop short at the sight of  Miu Miu shoes (the Prada sister brand). These over-the-top, scene-stealing pumps, stilettos, sandals and sneakers bring me to my wobbly knees. These sexy, shiny, jewel encrusted shoes are for the wanna-be bad girl, in all of us.  Miu Miu has the ability to take me on a fantastic journey without leaving home!

These stilettos from Miu Miu hit a glam slam.

These pumps and sandals from Miu Miu hit a glam slam!

Miu Miu is designer Miuccia Prada’s nick name, pronounced Miou, Miou. She started this avant-garde line of apparel, shoes and accessories in the early nineties, as a slightly less expensive line to Prada.  A serious growth story, Prada CEO Patrizio Bertelli, expects the Miu Miu  brand to double from around $500 million. You get rewarded for exceptional work!

You have to have a certain jet set lifestyle to don these duds. The average mortal, even if they can afford the pricey shoes, doesn’t live the life. I suspect they are selling millions of dollars worth of hope and worn on rare occasions, unless you are a middle eastern princess , Russian oil oligarchess or American reality star!

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Copper Market

Sexy soft, metallic and deep copper tones continue for spring 2012.

Color for Spring 2012 women’s apparel and accessories seem divided in two diametrically opposed camps…sizzling hot, over-the-top brights and barely there nudes. These copper-toned, blushing beauties have been around for a few seasons, but seem to be driving the vice of copper even higher!

These “catch me if you can” colors are tender and taunting at the same time. They can be found all over the market from the dainty sequined top and skirt  from BCBG (lower right), Vince’s kitten soft sweater and dress (lower left). the caged Prada heel (upper right) and sporty items like red-hot Sperry’s metallic copper Top-Sider in the middle. They are hugely popular in rose gold toned jewelry and watches (I love  Ippolita’s Rose collection!) and are prevalent in nail colors and beauty, too.

If you are Geisha-pale, a true blond, red-head or rich dark-skinned you can rock these sexy shades. If you are somewhere in the middle, try wearing them on the bottom or on top over a pop of white or black to supply contrasting support. There is something magic about this color family. It is so feminine and seductively suggestive that it has transformational effects on the wearer.

Copper tones are the perfect expression of the mega-watt, lady-like trend in fashion. It is the counter punch to the active-inspired sporty styles that also dominate this spring.

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