Cardiac Arrest – Cole Haan’s Spring Oxfords

These scene-stealing Cole Haan Oxfords left me gasping for Nike air!

 I was left gasping for Nike air when I got a gander at Cole Haan’s new collection of wing-tipped, spectator oxfords for spring 2012. My heart skipped a beat when I saw their 3.5″ high heeled Lucinda Air Oxford pump in various fashion combinations of brown and hot pink (they have more compelling names like Beet/Sequoia), Black/White Pine and Sequoia/Cockle. These shoes will turn a mere mortal into a power broker in the click of a well-shod heel.

They also have a flat wingtip oxford called the Skylar…it also comes in a swanky white gold metallic combination.

The shoes have me craving a pair of well-cut menswear trousers to show off my best “manners”. 

This fashion tour-de-force is a big step in the risk taking direction for Cole Haan. They are sure to create a stampede from the fashion crowd. My husband has fallen for their killer Air Colton and Air Franklin’s, for men, too. Who would have imagined?

By the way they even have their Nike Air technology for added comfort. File this in the category of glam slam!

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