Minty Fresh

Mint and aquas look especially fresh with off-beat colors such as citrine and pops of bright coral.As a dedicated color hunter, I’m always scouting for colors or color families that are quietly emerging or haven’t been important in a while. The pale to medium greenish aqua family is sneaking up on us, with delicate seafoam, dinner mint green and green-toned turquoise washing up on all levels of the apparel market. They range from super pale, to dusty to white-washed brights. Except for the palest of mint greens, these colors have been omnipresent in home and stationery for a long time, but haven’t been important in women’s apparel.

It is often hard to explain the genesis of a color trend. Designers are influenced by color trend services, social influences and personal and brand preferences. We have been slugging it through tough times and this optimistic, sun-kissed color family is a virtual walk down Worth Avenue. These beachy-keen, retro 50’s, colors pack a sugary wallop. They are all over the market in collections as varied as Rachel Roy, Diane Von Furstenburg, Lululemon, Converse, 7 for All Mankind, Hudson, Free People, , Rag and Bone, St. John and J. Crew, in everything including dresses, tops, jeans, yoga wear, sneakers and sweaters.

The surrounding color players, will keep the palette modern and out of matronly, insipid territory. Pastel seafoam or minty green looks especially fresh paired with off-beat colors or deep pops such as citrine or bright coral. These colors are well anchored with pure white and navy neutrals. Head-to-toe dinner mint or greenish turq can a cause a serious toothache without an unexpected, modern accent such as a nude shoe or coral tote.

This fresh, emotionally charged color family is sure to gain importance in upcoming seasons.


Swan Song

Lululemon tutu

There is nothing quite as demure and feminine as a ballerina’s tutu. It conjures up fantasies of classic elegance…visions of swan-necked beauties such as Audrey Hepburn. This emotionally driven, tulle skirt is a sell out at Lululemon, the Canadian leader-of-the-pack in fashion athletic wear. They reinvented the formerly dull-as-dust active category and continue to lead with breathtaking items such as this little black wonder.

Lululemon is on top of the explosive  trend in “barre” exercise, a combination of ballet exercises, Pilates and core strengthening. Their risk taking tutu is one of those “I don’t know why, but I must have it!”  items that create demand by appealing to our inner romantic.

It is no wonder why Lululemon gets premium prices for their products. They take chances and offer items we didn’t know we couldn’t live without!

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