Gucci Gorgeous

The "life changing" Gucci "Noah" pumps.

I have a special affinity for fashion items that are over-the-moon, show stopping,  but were also born a classic beauty. This is a hole-in-one, in a too often, risk averse market. The truth of the matter is that emotion sells clothing and accessories. When the wearer is taken on a fantasy ride, she’s got to have it!    

This heart-pounding, covetable pair of stilettos from Gucci meets the bar of greatness in the best seductress, in a fantasy picture category!  The swanky-panky, sky-high, Gucci “Noah” pump for spring 2012 will take your breath away. Take the helm you will rule the room in this pair of power pumps. The $695 price tag may be worth the virtual tornado you will create wearing them. Don’t worry, expect knock-offs at all price points  in the footwear market.

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