Fresh Greens

Fresh-picked greens are sprouting up everywhere for spring 2012.


Sprouting amongst the last of the holiday sale merchandise are sweet tendrils of  green…chartreuse, citrine, neon, and washed limes and emeralds. These fresh-picked greens are easy pickin’s to get a shot of modern, pre-spring pop!  These op-art shades are making their spring début on everything from active yoga, apparel, athletic shoes, handbags, Uggs, boots, skirts, tops, jackets, scarves and jewelry. Luscious greens are found on tabletop and home furnishings, too.

These eclectic shades of green look especially de rigueur played against neutrals such as greys, white, navy and black. They also hit-it-out -of-the-park in colorblocked combinations…two or more greens at the same time.

 I never been a green person, but I find myself compelled to buy something chartruese this season. Green stands for optimism and renewal. Two things we could use a little more of in 2012. Are you going green this season?


White Out

We haven’t had any snow in the Northeast, but we are caught up in a fashion blizzard! Bold and pure white is a huge trend for the fashion obsessed and wannabes alike. I am especially loving “city sporting” white down jackets by Helly Hansen, Northface and Moncler and boots by UGGS. The white watch continues in White Outwhite-hot ceramics, silicone, leather and metals…see Michael Kors, Michele, Toywatch, LaCoste, G-Shock and Coach.

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