Vintage & Novelty Denim Trending For Fall 2015

For fall 2015, there is a resurgence in denim, the all-American fashion staple. Novelty jeans, new silhouettes and denim-related, casual dressing are refreshingly new again. I call this fashion trend “American Vintage”.

We never quite fall out of love with denim. After several years of down-trending due to the growth of athleisure, jean sales are starting to perk up again. Surely women will not drop their comfy activewear bottoms for good, however. They have become staples in and out of the gym, with fashion brands offering a wide range of comfortable knit and woven gym pants, way beyond basic yoga pants and leggings.

Also, polyester/spandex pants are practically indestructible, but women’s wardrobes may be reaching critical mass with these long-lasting pants, just as they were with high-quality, premium denim jeans.

Flares, ripped, handcrafted and vintage denim looks are trending for fall 2015.

Flares, ripped, handcrafted and vintage denim looks are trending for fall 2015.

The return of the flare bottom and higher-rise waists, as well as novelty handcrafted, patchworked, ripped, distressed and embellished denim, is giving women new reasons to buy jeans again, after years of skinny jean dominance. I particularly like jeans from Frame, Rag and Bone, RtA Denim and Current Elliott. Flares will gain steam going into 2016.

Look for easy tees, plaid shirts, romantic tops, chambray and denim shirts. Retro vulcanized sneakers and high-tops complement the vintage vibe. The palette is a classic range of washed blues, khaki and whites.

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