Exclusive Club Monaco

Ralph Lauren is clearly among the greatest brand builders in the history of the fashion industry. It is no wonder why the Ralph Lauren Corporation purchased Club Monaco the urban casual, Canadian-born specialty wholesale and retail company. They have been quietly growing this little jewel in their portfolio since 1999. They currently have more than 65 stores in North America and locations in Europe, Asia and the Middle-East. They have yet to launch their e-Commerce site. Holiday 2011 sales at Club Monaco were up 17%.

Back detail is an alluring touch at Club Monaco.

Back detail is as alluring touch at Club Monaco.

The stores are filled with sophisticated, casual clothing suitable for the lifestyles of contemporary men and women.  It is a textural collection with that mixes high-quality fabrics and neutrally based color stories. Modern and minimal pieces easily mix into the wardrobes of the tastefully hip, such as trench coats and pleated skirts. There is an unstudied sexiness to the chic pairings with a strong sense of identity. Even the accessories are distinctly on-trend, not the cheesy, key items blown out by most specialty retail chains. (See Club Monaco)

Club Monaco is far from a household name yet, and that is part of its appeal. They only have about 65,000 Facebook fans, but this” little engine that could” is judiciously expanding their reach. Ralph Lauren will continue to shepherd this brand carefully, so it is surely not going to lose its je né sais quoi.

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